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Oakley sunglasses for those who are breast cancer savvy

oakPink lenses with pink on the frame and of course the signature pink ribbon proudly displayed. I am talking about Oakley Sunglasses Enduring Pace breast cancer awareness sunglasses.

These sunglasses are a MUST for anyone who regularly participates in breast cancer walks and breast caner runs and as great as they look, they also help to bring about a lot of breast cancer awareness. Show your support and get a pair.

Yes they are a bit pricey at $170, but they are in fact Oakley sunglasses and Oakley makes some of the best. Right now in fact, Oakley is shipping anything over $50 for free when you buy through their website. What are you waiting for? hopes that everyone who loves the great outdoors and loves to participate in walks and runs will check out these stylish sunglasses with a message of hope attached to them. They are lightweight, quality made, look great, and come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

These sunglasses are proof positive that you can fight the good fight and still look great in the process. If you do not like all the pink you can even order them with different colors though that would sort of be defeating the purpose and what we want to do is defeat breast cancer. Keep on fighting and keep on thinking pinker!

Check out the Oakley Enduring Pace breast caner sunglasses here.

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